Vol.2, No,2, 2015 (February)

The Effects of Context on Understanding of Terms of Address
         Samira Farahani & Abbas Bayat



On the Relationship between Foreign Language Anxiety and Language Learning Strategies among Iranian EFL Learners
         Mohammad Bagher Shabani
The Relationship between Teachers’ Gender and their Interpersonal and Intrapersonal Intelligence
         Mahboobe Nadafian, Ali Gholami Mehrdad & Mohammad Hadi Mahmoodi



The Realization of Lexical and Syntactic Patterns of Apology among Tat Language Undergraduate Male and Female Students
         Farzad Samadiniko & Bahador Sadeghi



Processing Information in Expository Passages Using Text Structure Strategies: An Accelerator to Effective Reading Comprehension
         Soheila Rabani, Masoumeh Akhondi  & Faramarz Azizmalayeri



Comparing the Effect of Output vs. Input Instruction on Iranian EFL Learners' Learning of Resumptives
         Nasrin Khoshkalam & Ali Gholami Mehrdad


The Effect of the Use of Pictorial Storytelling on Iranian EFL Students’ Attitudes toward Vocabulary Learning
         Nasrin Soltani, Hamid Reza Khalaji & Faramarz Azizmalayeri


The Effect of Edmodo on EFL Learners’ Writing Performance
         Bita Bahrami Shams-Abadi, Seyyed Dariush Ahmadi & Ali Gholami Mehrdad


Iranian Learners and Teachers on Written Corrective Feedback: How Much and What Kinds?
         Safieh Sayyar &  Mostafa Zamanian


The Status of Computer-Assisted Language Learning in Iran
         Farid Ghaemi & Marzieh Mostafavi


Investigating Perfectionism in Medicine and Architecture Majors
         Sakineh Soltani-kouhbanani & Razieh Khosrorad


The Importance of Teachers Training in English Language Teachings
         Taghi Jabbarifar


Book Review: Designing Language and Teaching Curriculum: Based on Nation and Macalister’s (2010)
         Mustafa Zamanian, Sara Mohammadi Kashkouli & Sorour Seddighi


The Effect of Gender on Foreign Language Learning
         Mojtaba Maghsudi, Elham Sharifi & Sharareh Abedi





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