Vol.2, No.3, 2015 (March)

How Parents Can Help Their Children At Home           1-15
         Pat Kozyra    
A Comparative Study of Audio and Video Listening Practices in a Private Language Institute in Iran   16-26
         Nouroddin Yousofi, Amin Davoodi & Shakiba Razmeh    
The Effect of Game Tic Tac Toe and Flash Cards on Zero Beginners’ Vocabulary Learning    27-41
         Reza Honarmand, Mohammad Rostampour & Seyed Jamal Abdorahimzadeh    
Revisiting Foreign Language Teaching and Testing in the Light of Cognitive Linguistics    42-46
          Mahmood Naghizadeh    
The Effect of Awareness-Raising of the Features of Real Speech on Iranian Pre-intermediate EFL Learners’ Listening Comprehension   47-56
          Ghafour Saeedi    
A Cross-Linguistic Study of Apology Styles between Iranian and Japanese Auto-Company Managers: Compensation in Focus    57-63
          Mohammad Reza Jafari & Omid Tabatabaei    
Domestication and/or Foreignisation of Literary Texts in Translation: a Study of post-Revolutionary Era in Iran    64-70
         Elham Moridi, Anita Laskarian & Sima Sayadian    
The Effects of Decision-making Tasks (Opinion-Task) on Improving Iranian EFL Learners’ Reading Comprehension   71-80
         Leila Mohammadpanah & Keyvan Mahmoodi    
The Effect of Mind Mapping Strategy on Comprehending Implicit Information in EFL Reading Texts   81-90
         Bahareh Malekzadeh & Abbas Bayat    
A Sociolinguistic Study of Linguistic Taboos in the Iranian Society   91-104
         Mohammad Aliakbari & Hossein Raeesi    
The Role of Metacognition Awareness in EGP Progress Test   105-113
         Fatemeh Khoddamy Pour & Sima Sayyadian    
The perception of Male and Female Teachers of Learning Needs   114-125
         Marzieh Rezaie & Sima Sayyadian    
The Effect of Post -Task Activity on EFL Learners’ Writing Fluency, Writing Complexity and Grammatical Accuracy   126-138
         Niloofar Nateghi Moghadam & Ali Gholami Mehrdad    
The Effect of Using Note Taking on EFL Students’ Writing Improvement   139-147
         Leila Nazari &  Keivan Mahmoodi    
Improving Students’ Reading Comprehension through Text Structure Strategy Instruction   148-158
         Parvaneh Aghasafari & Faramarz Aziz Malayeri    
Comparing the Effects of Recast vs. Direct Feedback on EFL Students' Pronunciation Accuracy   159-169
         Marziyeh Abedi, Lotfollah Karimi & Ali Gholami Mehrdad    
The Effect of Information-gap vs. Opinion-gap Tasks on Iranian EFL Learners’ Reading Comprehension   170-181
         Safieh Fallahi, Faramarz Aziz Malayeri  & Abbas Bayat    
The Effect of Information-gap vs. Opinion-gap Tasks on Iranian EFL Learners’ Reading Comprehension   182-197
         Alireza Hasanpoor & Hamidreza Khalaji    




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