Vol.2, No.4, 2015 (April) (In Press)

A Cross-Linguistic Study of Apology Styles between Iranian and Japanese Auto-Company Managers: Responsibility in Focus   1-13
          Mohammad Reza Jafari & Omid Tabatabaei   (Iran)
ESP Needs Analysis to Integrate a Scientific Reading Program in the English Language Institute at King AbdulAziz University   14-27
          Sahar Fadel  & Tariq Elyas   (Saudi Arabia)
The Effects of Focused Task (Task Utility) on Iranian EFL Learners’ Grammar Acquisition (A Study of Azad University, Malayer, Iran)   28-37
          Leila Mohammadpanah & Keyvan Mahmoodi   (Iran)
Speaking Anxiety in ESL/EFL Classrooms: A Holistic Approach and Practical Study   38-46
          Mohammad Shaukat Ansari   (India)
Constructing an Interdisciplinary Mentoring Framework for ELT Teacher Education and Teacher Development   47-69
          Fátima Encinas Prudencio & Verónica Sánchez Hernández   (México)
A Comparison between Male and Female in their Willingness to Communicate and Use of Socio-affective Strategies   70-81
          Zahra Jamaleddin   (Iran)
Learner Autonomy: Origins, Approaches, and Practical Implementation   82-91
          Scott Smith   (South Korea)
The ESP and EGP Students’ Perceptions of Situational Factors Which Can Motivate Them to Read   92-101
          Marzieh Rezaie & Annita Lashkarian   (Iran)
The Effect of Metalinguistic Corrective Feedback on Students’ Writing Performance   102-108
          Ali Khodi & Sahar Abbasi Sardari   (Iran)
The Role of Metacognition Awareness in ESP Progress Test   109-120
          Fatemeh Khoddamy Pour & Anita Lashkarian   (Iran)
“Negotiative” Teaching of Philosophy   121-125
          Nathalie Robisco   (France)
Nuances of Implicitness   126-135
          Salah Mohammed Salih   (Iraq)
Using Cooperative Learning to Integrate Critical Thinking in a Content-Based Writing Progress   136-147
          Leila Nazari & Keivan Mahmoodi   (Iran)
Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Remedial Application in a Preparatory Class Programme   148-155
          Atiye Burcu Kırca   (Turkey)
Effective Strategies to Improve Reading Comprehension of Expository Passages: Does Reading Proficiency Matter?   156-164
          Parvaneh Aghasafari & Faramarz Aziz Malayeri   (Iran)
The Effect of Self-assessment Training on Iranian EFL Students' Expository Writing Performance   165-183
          Fatemeh Baratpour   (Iran)
The Effect of Implementing Information-gap Tasks on EFL Learners’ Reading Comprehension Ability   184-194
          Safieh Fallahi, Faramarz Aziz Malayeri & Abbas Bayat   (Iran)
The Effect of Implementing Information-gap Tasks on EFL Learners’ Reading Comprehension Ability   195-207
          Alireza Hasanpoor & Hamidreza Khalaji   (Iran)




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