Vol.2, No.6, 2015 (June)

Audio-Recording as a Stimulus for Reflection in Teachers’ Performance                               1-9
       Maryam Ferdowsi & Akbar Afgharie 
The Effect of Visual/Verbal Learning Style on Reading Comprehension   10-19
       Solmaz Zarei, Ali Roohani  & Ali Akbar Jafarpour 
The Effects of Reflective Teaching on Teachers’ Performance   20-31
       Maryam Ferdowsi & Akbar Afgharie 
The Relationship between the Critical Thinking Ability and the Listening Strategies of Iranian EFL learners   32-47
       Abbas Ali Azadi, Zahra Zare & Alireza Khorram
The Effect of Explicit Instruction versus Input Enhancement Teaching of Metaphors on Comprehension and Retention   48-57
       Elahe Fahim & Keivan Mahmudi
Turn Taking in Conversation Analysis   58-63
       Fatemeh Khoddamy Pour & Anita Lashkarian Yazdi
The Effect of Expository Text Structure Training on Iranian Students' Reading Comprehension Performance   64-77
       Mahya Sadat Mirshahvalad, Faramarz Azizmalayeri & Masoumeh Akhondi
Form-Focused Task-based Instruction: An Integrative Approach to Vocabulary Learning   78-87
       Azam Pishadast
The Relationship between Emotional Intelligence and Verbal Intelligence in Iranian EFL Learners   88-95
       Mahsa Salehzade & Anita Lashkarian
On the Relationship between Learner Autonomy and Language Learning   Strategies among Iranian EFL Students   96-109
       Mahmoud Samaie, Reza Khany & Nooshin Habibi
The Relationship between Actual Difficulty of a Text and Iranian EFL Learners' Reading Anxiety   110-126
       Lamya Khansary, Abbas Bayat & Ali Khansary
Boosting Writing Ability through Expository Advance Organizers   127-135
       Samane Ayoobi  & Mohammad Hashamdar
Usage of Information Communication and Technology (ICT) for the Effective Management of Secondary Schools in Elgeyo Marakwet County, Kenya   136-148
       Caroline Jepkemboi Cheplong    
Effects of Intentional and Incidental Vocabulary Instruction on Short-term L2 Recall by Iranian Junior High Schools   149-174
       Leila Bahrami Yarahmadi & Faramarz Aziz Malayeri    




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