Vol.2, No.8, 2015 (August)

The Effects of Word-Map Technique on Iranian EFL Learners' Vocabulary Acquisition: A Response to Help-seeking Strategy (A Study in Azad University, Malayer, Iran)   1-9
       Ashraf Ronaghi, Abbas Bayat & Keivan Mahmoodi 
Revisiting the Conceptual Ambiguity of Learning Styles   10-24
       Asghar Salimi & Babak Huseynpur 
The Effect of Textual Input Enhancement on Learning Verbals in High-School EFL Male Students   25-35
       Nika Tahmouresi, Seyyed Dariush Ahmadi & Ali Gholami Mehrdad 
Can EFL Learners' Emotional Intelligence Predict their Verbal Intelligence?   36-42
       Mahsa Salehzade & Anita Lashkarian    
The Effects of Technology on Idioms: with a Focus on Law Terms (A Study in Payame Noor University, Tehran, Iran)   43-53
       Ali Badri
The Impact of Planning Condition and Age on EFL Learners’ Accuracy in Argumentative Writing   54-70
       Hossein Ahmadi & Karim Vafaeeseresht    
Scaffolding Reading Strategies of EFL Learners   71-77
       Masoud Rahimi    
The Effect of Task Input Formats on Task Outcomes in Writing Performance   78-85
       Abbas Souri & Abbas Bayat    
Contributions of Cloze Test Varieties and Procedures in Reading Instruction: A Washback Study   86-107
       Gholam-Reza Abbasian  & Kowsar Ghasemi    
The Relationship between Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Anxiety and Self-Esteem among Iranian Intermediate EFL Learners   108-130
       Fatemeh Sadat Alamdar & Alireza Karbalaei    
Willingness to Communicate: Students’ and Teachers’ Perspectives   131-137
       Mohammad Reza Mozayan & Marzieh Mozayan    
The Relationship between Background Knowledge and Reading Comprehension   138-145
       Razieh Hosseini & Keyvan Mahmoodi    
The Relationship between Emotional Intelligence and Emotional Empathy of EFL Teachers Regarding to Gender   146-154
       Mansoureh Salem & Omid Tabatabaei    
On the Relationship between Literary Intelligence and Literary Translation: A Study on non-Translation Students   155-170
       Mojtaba Javandoust, Zargham Ghapanchi & Rajab A. Askarzadehi    
Genres as Authentic Sources of Communication by which we Interact can Improve Learners' Success   171-177
       Zahra Jamaleddin & Anita Lashkarian    


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