Vol.2, No.10, 2015 (October)

Learner Autonomy
       Diana Morbedadze 
Investigating the Cognitive Processes in the Tests of Top-Notch Series using the Bloom’s Taxonomy   10-19
       Ali Roohani, Bashir Jam & Amin Shamsi 
Understanding the Simple Electric Circuit as part of Scientific Literacy through microteaching in Adult Education   20-26
       Georgios Giannoukos & Vasilios Hioctour 
School Factors as Correlates of Secondary Students’ Achievement in Mathematics in Bungoma County, Kenya   27-34
       John L. Sirengo 
The Relationship between Iranian EFL Teachers' Gender and their Pedagogical Success as Evaluated by Learners   35-44
       Saeed Ghorbani, Omid Akbari & Behzad Ghonsooly 
Pragmatic Competence of Request: A Critical Overview   45-60
       Hamid Reza Khalaji & Maasomeh Jaafari Golnesaei 
The Effect of Graphic Representation on Translation: the Case of Art and Engineering Students   61-76
       Neda Mirfarhadi & Gholamabbas Zavari 
Effects of Gender on Intentional and Incidental Short Term L2 Vocabulary Recall by Iranian Junior High School Students   77-90
       Leila Bahrami Yarahmadi & Faramarz Aziz Malayeri 




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