Vol.2, No.11, 2015 (November)

Student Engagement: Associations with Teachers and Peers as Motivators 
       Marilou B. Francisco, Richard DLC Gonzales & Marie Ann S. Vargas
Comparing English Textbook of Seventh Grade of Iranian High School with English Textbook of Second Grade of Guidance School: Critical Discourse Analysis Approach    18-31
       Moineh Abedi & Hadi Salehi
Character Creation In Literature: A Critical Study of John Galsworthy’s Famous Novels with Special Reference to His Leading Characters   32-38
       T S Varadharajan & Dr. B. Krishnamurthy    
A Conversation Analysis on Sherlock Holmes TV Series   39-58
       Fatemeh Khoddamy Pour & Anita Lashkarian Yazd    
The Effect of Planning Time on Metacognitive Processes of Iranian EFL Writers   59-70
       Rozhia Sheikhi & Hamidreza Khalajid    
The Role of Spiritual Intelligence in EGP Progress Test   71-78
       Fatemeh Khoddamy Pour & Mohammad Golshan    
The Effect of Metacognitive Listening Strategy Instruction on the Listening Self-Efficacy of EFL Learners in Iran   79-93
       Karim Vafaeeseresht    




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