Vol.2, No.12, 2015 (December)

The Effect of Sensory Learning Styles on the Test-Type Based Performance of Iranian EFL Learners 
     Massoud Zoghi, Alireza Madadi & Mojtaba Ghassemi
Challenges Experienced by Visual Impaired Learners in Physical and Practical Geography    13-22
     Beatrice W. Ndegwa, Caroline Cheplong & Janeth Korir
Cognitive Task Complexity as a Valid Criterion of Task Sequencing for Syllabus Designers    23-30
     Somayeh Jafarnejad & Hossein Sadeghoghli
The Effect of Enriched Input on the Iranian EFL Learners’ Grammar Learning    31-41
     Najmeh Moghimi & Hamid Reza Khalaji
Krashen’s Views: A Brief Look at Some SLA Problems    42-46
    Fatemeh Khoddamy Pour & Sima Sayyadian
The Effect of Gender on Planning Time in Writings of Iranian EFL Learners    47-53
    Rozhia Sheikhi & Hamidreza Khalaji
The Effect of Mind Mapping on Vocabulary Learning and Retention    54-72
    Ahmad Ali Heidari & Lotfollah Karimi
The Role of Source Text Comprehensibility and its Impact on Translatability    73-84
   Zahra Anvari & Gholam Abbas Zavari
Is the Number of Peers Effective in the Result of a Learning Group Studying Formulaic Expressions?   85-99
   Fateme Aryanejad & Ashraf Ronaghi
The Effects of Cooperative Teaching on Reading Comprehension: A Study at Islamic Azad University, Malayer, Iran   100-110
   Hosna Nazari Maryam Negari, Payman Rajabi & Hamid Reza Khalaji




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