Vol.3, No.4, 2016 (April)


Investigating Rater Effect on Iranian EFL Learner's Performance on Pragmatic Tests: An Application of Many-Facet Rasch Model   1-12
    Reza Shahi
Investigating EFL Teachers’ Perspectives on Competency-Based Language Learning   13-26
    Khalil Motallebzadeh & Razieh Ganjali
The Effect of Second language Equivalent Vocabulary Tests on Students' Overall English Proficiency Test of Pre-university Students   27-34
    Zahra Jamaleddin & Mohammad Golshan
Educational Level and Gender Differences in EFL Learners' Learning Approach   35-50
    Shadi Allahdadi, Afsaneh Ghanizadeh & Omid Akbari
Basic Research Methods in Sociolinguistics in Search of the Realities around us   51-56
    Zahra Jamaleddin & Anita Lashkarian
Investigating the Cognitive Levels of English Final Exams Based on Bloom’s Taxonomy   57-68
    Marziyeh Rezaee & Mohammad Golshan



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