Vol.3, No.6, 2016 (June: Special Issue)

English Language Teaching in Saudi Arabia: Experiences from Home and Abroad 
Special Guest Editors:                           Editorial Assistant
Prof. Omar Nasseef                               Mr. Adil Abdul Rehman
Dr. Tariq Elyas


The Effect of Teacher Scaffolding on Learning English as a Foreign Language at King Abdulaziz University: A Classroom Discourse Analysis   1-20
    Maha Sayer AlThiyabi & Abdullah Al-Bargi
Saudi Female Students' and Teachers' Perception of Utilizing Podcasts to Improve Extensive Listening   21-41
    Dalal Alshaikhi & Abeer Ahmed Madini
An Investigation of Saudi EFL Teachers’ Perceptions of the Appropriateness of Communicative Language Teaching (CLT) in a Saudi Context   42-68
    Fatuma A. Abdulkader
Exploring EFL Students’ Perception in Blended Learning Environment in Saudi Technical Education Context   69-81
    Khadijah Alaidarous & Abeer Ahmed Madini
Pair-Work and Group-Work Activities: Myth or Reality?   82-100
    Mehmet Bulent Rakab
Linguistic Cultural Dualism in Arab Gulf Identity: A Socio-cultural Approach on the Emergence of a Gulf English Variety   101-111
    Nuha Suleiman Al-Shurafa & Maather Al-Rawi
Testing Communicative Language Skills of the Speaking Test in EFL Classrooms at King Abdulaziz University   112-120
    Sahar Ameer Bakhsh    
Exploring Saudi Teacher’s Beliefs about Grammar Learning and Teaching   121-145
    Yasmeen A. Alsulami    



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