Vol.3, No.7, 2016 (August)


The Impact of Syntactic Priming on Intermediate EFL Learners’ Overall Tendency to Use Full/Reduced Relative Clauses in Writing Tasks   1-9
    Ali Akbar Khomeijani Farahani & Farzaneh Padami
The Effect of Grammar-Oriented Assignments as an Extra-Curricular Activity on Intermediate EFL Learners’ Writing Performances   10-18
    Nasrin Mohammadi & Mohammad Reza Oroji
Reflective Teaching: Tools for Professional Development   19-34
    Scott Smith
Extensive Listening: Pedagogy, Resources, and Tools   35-49
    Edward Povey
Investigating the Scope of Source Use and Discourse Features in Integrated Academic Writing among Iranian Intermediate EFL Learners   50-69
    Mahdiyeh Mirshahvalad, Keivan Mahmoodi & Faramarz Azizmalayeri
A Study of the Bond between EFL Learners' Learning Styles, Self-Regulation, and Language Achievement   70-84
    Aida Akhavan Khaleghi, Omid Akbari & Afsane Ghanizade
The Relationship of Code-Switching Strategy Use with Anxiety and Speaking Fluency of Learners   85-95
    Masoome Maleki & Omid Varzandeh
The Relationship between Iranian EFL Learners Autonomy, Commitment and Writing Ability   96-105
    Elnaz Masoumzadeh
Towards Embedding Graphics in the Teaching of Reading and Literature in Nigeria   106-119
    Emmanuel Uba, Emmanuel Oteiku & Eugenia Abiodun-Eniayekan
An Exploration of EFL Learners' Declarative Knowledge, Procedural Knowledge, and Monitoring   120-128
    Ghazaleh Arab Ahmadi, Behzad Ghonsooly & Afsaneh Ghanizadeh
Investigating the Differences between Male and Female Iranian EFL Professors' Critical Thinking   129-138
    Elham Bayati & Narjes Ghafournia
The Effect of Teaching Vocabulary through Text Messaging by Social Networks on Vocabulary Comprehension of Iranian Upper-Intermediate EFL Learners   139-152
    Parisa Malmir & Peyman Rajabi
The Impact of Reflective Journal Writing on Vocabulary Achievement   153-161
    Mahboubeh Mohammadzadeh Tehrani & Farid Ghaemi



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