Vol.3, No.8, 2016 (October)


The Features of Effective English Teachers as Viewed by English Language Teachers and High School Students in Saudi Arabia   1-11
    Khalid Alharthi
Evaluating the Teacher Diploma Program of Educational Preparation According to Academic Accreditation Criteria: A Case Study at King Abdul-Aziz University   12-30
    Alhasan Yahay Allamankhrah
A Semantic Study of Selected English Editorials   31-39
    Abbas Fadhil Lutfi
Hidden Meanings of Visual and Verbal Layers of American English File Textbook Series: A Semiotic Approach   40-50
    Bashir Jam, Ali Roohani & Zahra Jamshidzadeh
An Introduction to Research Paradigms   51-59
    Adil Abdul Rehman & Khalid Alharthi
Task-Based Instruction versus Direct Instruction through Presentation of Meaning: Investigating Their Effectiveness in L2 Vocabulary Acquisition   60-73
    Mariko Yoshida & Ryota Furuyabu
Representation of Women in Persian Visual Media: A Discourse Analysis   74-88
    Mahmood Hashemian, Azizullah Mirzaei & Shaghayegh Alavi



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