Vol.4, No.1, 2017 (February)


Lecturers’ Understanding of Portfolio Assessment Techniques in Selected Courses of the Faculty of Environmental Design, Ahmadu Bello   University, Zaria, Nigeria   1-13
    Bello Usman Amsami
Effect of Direct Feedback on Field (In)dependent L2 Learners’ Grammatical Accuracy in L2 Writing   14-20
    Mahmood Hashemian, Ali Roohani & Maryam Farhang-Ju
The Comparative Effect of Input Flooding vs. Visual Input Enhancement on Learning Causative Structures   21-35
    Shahram Afraz  & Sharareh Ebrahimi
Learning English Vocabulary and the Effect of Basic Level from Cognitive Perspective   36-45
    Masoud Dehghan
Investigating EFL Learners’ Attitude on the Use of Technology at Language Institutes   46-53
    Shahram Afraz  & Azar Bagheri
A Comparison of the Effectiveness of Convergent versus Divergent Tasks in Task-based Teaching of Reading   54-66
    Behtash Fazli
The Effect of Reading Processing Tasks on the Iranian IELTS Candidates’ Reading Scores   67-75
    Zarareh Lotfi & Narjes Ghafournia



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