Vol.4, No.2, 2017 (April)


Effect of Intermediate Iranian L2 Learners’ Collocational Competence on Reading Comprehension   1-7
    Mahmood Hashemian, Aliakbar Jafarpour & Fereshteh Gharazi
The Comparative Effect of Using Semantic Mapping and Mnemonics on EFL Learners’ Vocabulary Achievement   8-17
    Amirnader Elahi & Nasim Shangarffam
The Impact of Translation on Iranian Intermediate EFL Learners’ Knowledge of Dependent Clauses   18-27
    Davood Ghahremani & Nafiseh Ranjbari
The Impact of Information-Gap and Opinion-Gap Tasks on EFL learners’ Lexical Collocation Achievement   28-38
    Hamid Marashi & Somayeh Amirabadi
Culture and Learner Autonomy: An Overview from a Saudi Perspective   39-48
    Abeer Sultan Althaqafi
Investigating the Relationship between Spiritual Intelligence and Burnout among EFL Teachers   49-61
    Kiyana Zhaleh & Behzad Ghonsooly
The Discourse of Democracy in Bush and Obama's Orations after 9/11: A Critical Study   62-76
    Masoud Dehghan & Ferdows Aghagolzade
The Effect of Online Technology Learning on Creating Autonomous Iranian Learners of English   77-86
    Zhale Gholami



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