Vol.4, No.3, 2017 (June)


The Effect of Collaboration on Fluency of Writing in Iranian Intermediate EFL Writing Context   1-11
    Leila Fardadmehr  & Hamid Reza Khalaji
The Contribution of Self-Actualization, Problem Solving, Stress Tolerance, and Intrinsic Motivation in Translation Quality   12-21
    Shakila Yousefi & Afsaneh Ghanizadeh
Teachers’ Perceptions Regarding the Effectiveness of Audio Visual Aids at Secondary School Level   22-32
    Naseebullah Kakar & Sajida Naureen
The Impact of Collaborative Writing on the Text Information Structure of Iranian Intermediate EFL Learners   33-44
    Leila Fardadmehr  & Hamid Reza Khalaji
Effects of Pair Work on Learners' Writing   45-64
    Karim Vafaeeseresht



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