Vol.4, No.4, 2017 (August)


Effects of Incorporating Cooperative Learning strategies (Think-Pair-Share and Numbered Heads) on Fostering the EFL Learners’ Speaking Fluency   1-12
    Alimohamad Alipour  & Hamed Barjesteh
Closed vs. Open Type of Task and the Accuracy of Speaking   13-18
    Badr-al-sadat Mirbagheri & Hamid Reza Khalaji
The Role of GSP in Developing Critical Thinking Skills in Students in Nigerian Universities   19-31
    Emmanuel Uba, Lily Chimuanya, Esther Ajiboye & Fortress I. Ayinuola
Learner Autonomy and Teachers’ Beliefs   32-47
    Naeime Hamedi
Woman of Resilience in Zambian Male Fiction: A Feminist Reading of Binwell Sinyangwe’s A Cowrie of Hope   48-64
    Sylvester Mutunda
Effect of Focused Task-based (Consciousness–Raising, Task Utility, and Input Enrichment Tasks) Instruction on Grammar Acquisition   65-81
    Samira Farahani & Saeed Taki
Emotions and Self-regulation: A Case of Iranian EFL High School and Private Language Institute Teachers   82-100
    Tahereh Heydarnejad, Azar Hosseini Fatemi & Behzad Ghonsooly



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