Vol.4, No.5, 2017 (October)


The Effect of Corrective Feedback on Iranian EFL Learners’ Writing Accuracy   1-10
    Badr-al-sadat Mirbagheri & Hamid Reza Khalaji
The Influence of Bilingual Dictionary Use vs. No Dictionary Use on the Reading Comprehension and Word Power Improvement of Iranian EFL Learners: with a Focus on Translation Skill   11-37
    Neda Fatehi Rad
A Comparative Typology on Phonological System of Russian, English and Persian Languages   38-53
    Malihe Bashirnezhad & Zargham Ghapanchi
Through a Sociolinguistic Lens: Analysis of Luvale Proverbs   54-73
    Sylvester Mutunda



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