Vol.3, No.3, 2016 (March)


African Literature: Place, Language or Experience                                           
    Lencer Achieng’ Ndede
Scrutinizing Listening Strategies among Iranian EFL University Students   11-22
    Mahtab Babaei Moghadam, Afsaneh Ghanizadeh & Mohammad Pazhouhesh
Review of Graduate Students’ Research Practices in the Saudi Context: Implications and Recommendations   23-48
    Catherine Karen Roy & Nadia Shukri
The Relationship between Goal-orientation and Autonomy in EFL Learners: The Case of Iranian Learners   49-62
    Mitra Heydari & Habib Soleimani
Awareness on Consumer Rights among Undergraduate Students in Tiruchirappalli City   63-74
    N. Indirani & C. Ashok Kumar
The Relationship between Iranian Learners of Different Proficiency Levels and Their Use of Congratulation Strategies   75-84
    Shokoufeh Bassami  & Habib Soleimani
The Effects of Brainstorming as a Prewriting Activity on Iranian EFL Learners Prompted Expository Writing   85-93
    Marzieh Mahdian Mehr, Faramarz Aziz Malayeri & Abbas Bayat
The Effect of Graphic Organizers on Students’ Writings: The Case of EFL Students, Islamic Azad University, Malayer Branch   94-105
    Hamid Reza Khalaji
Euphemism and Political Discourse in Iran’s Nuclear Agreement with the World Powers   106-118
    Sahba Mohebbi  & Seyed Nezamadin Moeinzadeh



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